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Ha Yeon Soo.

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» CREDIT is a MUST, not an option. Link back or at least mention my username. "Credits on my favourites" isn't giving credit, neither "credits to the people who made them" or "none of the gifs, editions used are mine".
»Be cool, respect my work by respecting my rules!

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"When I was young, I was envious of the thinner styles. I had a lot of stress because I was more sturdy and muscular. As I became older, I grew more confident. Now, I am confident and don’t stress out about my body.” - hyosung

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introducing: red velvet

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How to get the in-law's blessing — Kim Tan style
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uh soosun making daegu smile always 。◕‿◕。

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Best drama kisses: 

→   Just You, e21

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#StayStrongSulli ♡

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ARTIST: Epik High Feat. Park Ji Yoon
TRACK: 선물 Gift
ALBUM: [e]motion [Disc 1]

선물 Gift | Epik High feat. Park Ji Yoon

Please don’t erase me
Please don’t abandon me

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Exodex ; Loading....
Kim Minseok - Artixiumin
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