Rain in My Lovely Girl teaser 3

Rain and Krystal - My Lovely Girl Poster Shooting (x)

Shirtless hyung-line~

expectation vs. reality: krystal and dogs

This is the confirmed cast for the new MBC drama: Actress Ha Yeon-soo is starring in the new MBC drama “The Legendary Witch

Soo-In (Han Ji-Hye), Bok-Nyeo (Ko Du-Shim), Poong-Geum (Oh Hyun-Kyung) and Mi-Oh (Ha Yeon-Soo) were cellmates at a woman’s prison. The four woman have their own stories on why they were there, but through bakery lessons, learned in prison, they open a bakery shop and compete against a large bakery company.

The wedding we had seven years ago… We’re just doing it one more time.


Real marriage…or not…?

[My Secret Hotel Episode 7]

When Key’s modeling game gets a little too strong…

My Secret Hotel E06 

thank you for existing ❣

prince jung

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